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“Feeding the World, One Mushroom at a Time”

Myco-Entrepreneurs with a Mission

Jewels of the Forest was formed by two brothers with the help of their closest friends and family. The farm was founded in 2015 as the cultivation headquarters for oyster mushrooms and other choice exotic mushrooms. On the property they also operate a full-service research laboratory called MycoLab Solutions. Wyatt and Hunter Bryson share a deep passion for the Fungi kingdom and sustainable food systems.

Look to the East

Many Eastern cultures feature edible mushrooms in their foods as a main ingredient. At Jewels of the Forest, our goal is to promote them as a staple food in the American diet. Enhancing the flavor and nutritional content of your food is only the beginning.

Drawing on inspiration from Thai cuisine, our team at Jewels of the Forest has discovered the best spice blends to bring out the deep flavors of a diverse range of edible fungi. The meaty textures and flavors of mushrooms make them very versatile. Mushrooms are one of the few non-animal sources of umami. Umami is the chemical that makes food taste “savory”. They are a great pairing for meat and a great substitute for it as well. Each variety of mushroom has a unique flavor profile that takes time to understand and fully harness.

Quality Products Made with Care

Jewels of the Forest Farms specializes in exotic gourmet mushrooms and provides you unique mushroom food products. Our flagship product is Shroom Snack: Premium Mushroom Jerky. This vegan jerky is a nutritious & delicious option for anyone who craves healthy snacks. Spice up your favorite dish or munch a bag on the couch with your special someone. From hikers on the trail to the entrepreneur up late creating the next social revolution, Shroom Snacks go with every occasion. Premium Mushroom Jerky will leave you feeling magical and salivating for more of that stimulating umami flavor.